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Did you know E-Learning can boost workplace morale?

Regardless of our career paths, we all seek personal development, fulfillment, and yearn for continuous learning and growth in our fields of expertise. In the wise words of John C. Maxwell, “If you want to lead, you need to grow. Good leaders are always good learners.”

Did you know that online training and boosted workplace morale go hand in hand and have a direct correlation to your team member’s happiness and your bottom line? Due to the pandemic, many team members, especially the administrative staff, are finding themselves working remotely from home. The feeling of isolation, not feeling motivated, struggles with work and personal life balance, as well as team members lacking confidence in their own abilities and skill sets.  

With all those pre-existing feelings, struggles, and insecurities, throw on implementing a brand-new software or business system to your staff. You could potentially have a recipe for disaster due to the inability to have in-person, hands-on training with your team members.  That is where we introduce online training and e-learning to optimize team member happiness and learning retention.

Boost confidence & social well-being

We are all human, and we thrive on communication and collaboration with one another, not being stuck at home working remotely in solitude. Hosting online training and learning opportunities for your team members not only boosts their confidence by learning additional skillsets, but it also creates an impactful learning experience and increases their social well-being. Like I said, we are human, and we do crave communication with our peers. Online learning, whether that is individual e-learning or group e-learning, builds comradery amongst your team, initiates social dialect through online chats, and promotes a fun, friendly, competitive atmosphere especially if your online training earns your staff points by finishing each learning course or module.

Increase productivity & reduce turnover rates

Creating online learning experiences for your team members can have a positive impact on their job performance by increasing productivity as well as reducing employee turnover rates. A high turnover rate can be very costly due to hiring expenses and the cost of retraining brand-new people; time is money. Investing in team member’s professional and personal development assists in reducing turnover rates, helps with team member retention, and the team members that you retain are more valuable to your business because they are now invested to your company culture. When you invest in your team members, they return the favor and invest in your company. When team members feel valued, their contribution and performance increases. “Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” – Sir Richard Branson.


Did you know that PSA offers online training and support packages that can be widely beneficial to your staff? If they are unsure of a topic or a need help with a specific area of our ERP solution, we are here to help guide them and provide the online training experience that they need. Or for an individual learning experience, especially when on-boarding a brand-new employee, we also offer an online learning management portal that helps lay the foundation of our software and provides the basics. “You have to walk before you can run”, and that is where Proven Academy can assist. If you are a restoration contractor looking to boost team member morale, increase team member retention, and begin investing in your team member’s professional development, please reach out to sales@canamsys.com.


Written by Taylor Carmichael