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How to Increase Efficiency & Eliminate Waste Through Automation in Restoration Business

According to Paul Akers, author of 2 Second Lean, the 8 Deadly Sins of Waste are the following:

1. Over-Production
2. Transportation
3. Excess Inventory
4. Defects
5. Over-Process
6. Wasted Motion
7. Customers Waiting Time
8. Unused Employee Potential

Think about it; how is your team actively producing waste today? You can look at nearly any process, identify an area of improvement (i.e., waste), and develop a plan to make that process more efficient. Paul’s motto is, “How to grow people and build a lean culture.” They key word there is LEAN. “Lean thinking presumes that everything can be improved continuously.” What process can you lean up?

PSA can be that conduit in assisting to identify a waste and automating that waste to eliminate it. For example, are you a restoration contractor that partners with Xactware, yet you don’t take advantage of the API integration to your job management software? One could argue this has the potential to result in three wastes, defects, wasted motion, and customers waiting time. How can you eliminate this waste?

How PSA helps restoration contractors eliminate waste
PSA integrates with both XactAnalysis and Xactimate (Xactimate Online and X1 versions). XactAnalysis has the ability to export an assignment to PSA and within PSA you can import that assignment and instantaneously sync notes, photos, documents, photos, and dates. Update ONE business system software and with the power of automation, this integration will update TWO separate platforms with one click. COMING SOON: In the near future, PSA will offer the ability to import an XactAnalysis assignment and a job will be automatically created based upon the software reading the assignment details. This eliminates wasted motion by eliminating clicks. It also eliminates defects because your team no longer has the need to manually hard-key important assignment details into the job file. Statistically 1 out of every 100 keystrokes is an error, which is multiplied by the number of times information is duplicated.

How PSA increases efficiency for restoration contractors in their daily production
Xactimate has the ability to export an estimate to PSA and automatically create work orders organized categorically. The work order system is one of the most important and effective ways to budget projects, track job costs, and track scheduling items. The work order system is designed to specifically budget and record what your sub-trades should be paid for work performed and PSA can assist in automating this integral component of job management.

In the wise words of Bill Gates, “Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” PSA offers many features and API integrations for restoration contractors to magnify an inefficient process, automate that broken process, and eliminate waste.

Take advantage of API integrations in your technology tools
While the Xactware integration is a large component of PSA (Proven Job Management) automation, that is not all we have to offer! Proven Job Management specifically also has the ability to integrate with Contractor Connection Job Track, Camcode, CoreLogic Symbility, Encircle, Invisi-Tag, Logikos, Matterport, DocuSketch, Metal Craft, and Quickbooks. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these API integrations. These will assist in increasing efficiency, eliminating waste, and maximizing your team’s productivity, thus improving your bottom line. For more information on how you can utilize PSA to eliminate waste and automate your business processes, please reach out to sales@canamsys.com.


Written by Taylor Carmichael, PSA's Technical Content Developer