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Solutions Providers

Canam Systems provides integrated software for companies looking to increase efficiency, accountability, and profits. We offer state of the art business solutions through quality software, continued development, and unmatched training, support and customer follow-up programs. Unlike other software companies, we believe our clients deserve a voice in the tools they use to further their success.

In 1994 Canam Systems started out offering a base accounting package, Proven Solutions Accounting. We quickly recognized the weakness inherent in most software and the issues companies suffer with: being required to purchase multiple pieces of software that do not work together. From this realization PSA was created as an integrated solution providing teams with a complete workflow package.

In 2002 Canam Systems moved into the insurance restoration industry to provide accounting, job management, CRM, field operations and data analytics in a single package for contractors looking to streamline their performance. Canam Systems continues to provide new and innovative solutions to eliminate duplication and provide real time updates and integrations across the insurance ecosystem.

Today, Canam Systems services over 1,500 contractors, including a number of franchise groups, across North America. PSA, our ERP solution, is unlike any other product on the market. We provide à la carte web based options, for medium to large size businesses, with everything they need to scale and grow. As dedicated solutions providers, we aim to create a unique customer experience by giving our users a voice and the ability to drive the direction of PSA to better suit the needs of each business.