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Season 10 | July - December 2022

Expand Your Knowledge of PSA's ERP Solution For Restoration Industry!

COMING SOON - Lunch & Learn: Season 11 User Conference Edition

Canam Systems is excited to announce our Season 11 Lunch & Learn User Conference Edition! In the upcoming months - January & February, 2023, we will be doing a recap on the highlights from the last user conference. You can also get an all-access virtual pass to attend all the sessions in the User Conference Edition.

These online training and information sessions are open to all new and existing PSA users. Each session covers different hot topics, showcases new features or discusses best practices. These sessions provide in-depth understanding on critical new releases and how users can better leverage this information to maximize their PSA experience.

Our goal is to help all of our customers use PSA's ERP to the best of their ability. This season's topics are listed below for more information. Kindly click the expand button "+" to see more details and sign up to attend virtually.

Please note that PSA Lunch & Learn series typically includes two complimentary sessions per month. The first mid-month session demonstrates new and exciting features in PSA's ERP. The second in the last week of the month is a joint session with one of PSA's vendors / technology partners that integrates one PSA's ERP and demonstrates how to improve your company's efficiency and profitability.

This Lunch & Learn session will focus on how to create, edit, and assign routes for your sales and marketing team within Proven CRM.  Once assigned these routes will be available for selection in Proven CRM or the CRM Mobile application allowing your team to document and note their route stops.  We will also discuss the importance of using accurate addresses and how to take advantage of creating and assigning labels and types to your Organizations and Contacts to aid in building your routes. Lastly, this session will cover how to create and document your marketing expenses in Proven CRM. Click here to register.

This session will show you an overview of the new interface, search capabilities, toggling between different modules, drilling down into records, changes in the Job Info Screen, sync time/email capabilities, customizable widgets, process for transitioning to Proven Accounting. Click here to register.

This session will show you the importance of intake, job creation, and dispatch life cycle. Click here to register.

This session will show you the dashboard, reminders, and analytics in Proven Accounting. You will also learn how to create custom reports and the security options and setup. Click here to register.

This session will help you understand leads vs organizations, how to keep the CRM clean, organizing relationships, and setting up multilevel relationships. Click here to register.

This session will show you the two separate menus for AR and AP respectively. You will only learn different search and filter options and. Click here to register.

This course will help you understand sales activities such as past notes, calls, and emails, present opportunities, and future task a& events. You will also learn about sales inactivity. Click here to register.

This session will give you an overview of Proven OnSite. You will learn more about Proven Jobs Client Portal and customer experience. Click here to register.

This session will allow you to understand more about ownership, referrals, automatic credit, importance of sales activities, credit alerts & job notications etc. You will also learn client ranking and CRM financials. Click here to register.

In this session, you will learn more about work orders from budgeting, scheduling to gross profitability. We will also focus on change management. Click here to register.