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Season 8 | July - December 2021

Expand Your Knowledge of PSA's ERP!

Lunch & Learn: Season 8

Canam Systems is excited to announce our Season 8 monthly Lunch & Learn series. These online training and information sessions are open to all new and existing PSA users. Each session covers different hot topics, showcases new features or discusses best practices. These sessions provide in-depth understanding on critical new releases and how users can better leverage this information to maximize their PSA experience.

Our goal is to help all of our customers use PSA's ERP the to the best of their ability. This season's topics are listed below for more information. To register please click the button above. 

Please note that Canam's Lunch & Learn series now includes two complimentary sessions per month. The first mid-month session demonstrates new and exciting features in PSA's ERP. The second in the last week of the month is a joint session with one of Canam's Vendor partners that integrates one PSA's ERP and demonstrates how to improve your company's efficiency and profitability.

Proven Job Management’s Attachments tab just received a major upgrade! Users can create and moving subfolders, search and filter content, edit photos efficiently, and create annotations to maximize their information potential on every job! Save time and organize your job photos by creating default folders visible not only in PJM but available for selection in the Proven Smart Tech mobile application.  In this session will also review how to view, search, download, secure, and duplicate your job attachments. Click here to register.

Invisi-Tag, Proven Job Management, and Proven Smart Tech Mobile provide comprehensive asset tracking solution to ensure all equipment is tracked and collected throughout every stage of a project. Save time and money tracking equipment use, costs, and depreciation. Click here to register.

Encircle is a leading provider of real-time documentation and productivity tools for the insurance and restoration industries. Encircle connects all parties involved in the claims process, including policy holders, insurance companies, and restoration contractors, on one easy-to-use platform. By taking tedious pen and paper tasks, and replacing them with intuitive digital tools, Encircle has made documenting and sharing information across the ecosystem simple. Learn more about Encircle's upcoming integration with Proven Job Management. Click here to register.

Explore the new Xactware-Proven Job Management interaction and functionality! New features will allow users the ability to link multiple assignments and estimates to a single job file within Proven Job Management. Learn about his and more in this special edition Lunch & Learn. Click here to register.

Trying to manage your sales workflow using Proven CRM? Join us to navigate a day in the life of a salesperson. Click here to register.

The Proven Job Management's new To Do feature is being explored in this lunch & learn. Click here to register.

Proven Job Management integration with Clean Claim will be explored in this session. Click here to register.

DocuSketch™ is an effective, efficient, and scalable way to create 3D 360° digital snapshots of a home. DocuSketch™ provides a lightning-fast way to create accurate sketches that integrates with Xactimate and Proven Job Management. DocuSketch™ decreases time on site and increases productivity. DocuSketch™ is perfect for property restoration, insurance claims management, property inspections, appraisals, home warranty & more. Click here to register.