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Season 9 | January - June 2022

Expand Your Knowledge of PSA's ERP Solution For Restoration Industry!

Lunch & Learn: Season 9

Canam Systems is excited to announce our Season 9 monthly Lunch & Learn series. These online training and information sessions are open to all new and existing PSA users. Each session covers different hot topics, showcases new features or discusses best practices. These sessions provide in-depth understanding on critical new releases and how users can better leverage this information to maximize their PSA experience.

Our goal is to help all of our customers use PSA's ERP to the best of their ability. This season's topics are listed below for more information. To register please click the button above. 

Please note that Canam's Lunch & Learn series now includes two complimentary sessions per month. The first mid-month session demonstrates new and exciting features in PSA's ERP. The second in the last week of the month is a joint session with one of Canam's Vendor partners that integrates one PSA's ERP and demonstrates how to improve your company's efficiency and profitability.

See how Encircle Hydro acts as a water damage expert to guide your technicians on jobs of any size, whether it’s a small residential job or large commercial loss. Hydro helps techs create a drying plan, establish dry standards, as well as log moisture and psychrometric readings with ease. We'll show you how creating detailed moisture reports to justify your invoice is now within the grasp of all PMs and techs. Click here to register.

Last year we were excited to announce the launch of our new integration with CoreLogic’s Symbility. This provided Proven Job Management users with the ability to import estimates and create work orders automatically. Since launch we have received a lot of great feedback and have improved our integration to now include Claim Connect to import assignment details such as claim information, notes, attachments and dates. Join us to better understand how your team can take advantage of this new integration. Streamline the flow of information between Symbility, Claims Connect and PSA to eliminate duplication and provide real time updates on job status, communications and customer satisfaction. Click here to register.

Since the launch of Proven CRM back in 2019, we have made significant changes to the interface and user experience to help provide critical information to your sales & marketing teams. These changes provide better email integration & communication tracking, updates to Proven CRM mobile, routes & sales incentives as well as improving on the reporting an export capability. Join us to learn more about the changes introduced in the recent V2 update to better understand how your team can better manage relationships and understanding your sales pipeline. Click here to register.

Compliance and Workflows have always been areas that companies have struggled to manage both in the office and out in the field. Proven Job Management introduced the ability to define workflow criteria based on the needs of carriers and TPA’s to streamline performance and provide alerts/notifications when things were not getting done in a timely manner. This class focuses on the new changes coming to mobile that will provide the opportunity to view & complete workflow requirements directly from the mobile app. Providing users with an easy to use checklist that showcases exactly what needs to be done, while updating the web and integration with real time information on dates, attachments & notes. Click here to register.

Tracking assets such as equipment tools and vehicle can be a daunting task for any business. Proven Jobs provides an easy way to upload your equipment list into the system and track the movement between warehouse, truck and job directly from your mobile device. This session will focus on the setup companies need to take to get this equipment list setup, better understand your options for barcode tracking and showcase how to configure max day reminders as well as where to look when for equipment audit reports and costing analysis inside Proven Job Management. Click here to register.

Tracking labor on timesheets can be a daunting task for any business to manage. It creates a lot of administrative head aches and can lead to inaccurate information. Proven Job Management provides an easy way to capture time from your mobile device. Clocking to a job, work order, category and selector provides a lot of meaningful information that can showcase how much time we have spent on a job even before the office processes payroll. This session will focus on the setup of employees, timecard rates & rules, defining categories & selectors as well as time card approval. We will also be reviewing timecard & payroll report options to help showcase the different analysis tools available to see how much time was spent vs. budgeted as well as a breakdown of time by job, category or WO. Click here to register.

Understanding your business’s revenue can be difficult if the project isn’t completed or if we have costs tied up in different months from the revenue creating peaks and valleys on our income statement. This class will focus on the WIP processes that are available to users on both the desktop and web accounting. Learn the difference between true WIP and project completion methods while showcasing the difference reports that
can be run in order to review committed costs, vs revenue and how that is different from WIP revenue (anticipated revenue). We will also run through the process of using the WIP calculator and WIP Revenue functions inside Proven Accounting and the best practices of when they should be run and what to look for in the exception reports. Click here to register.