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Upcoming Changes to Your PSA Monthly Fee - Effective from March 1, 2023

PSA Restoration Management Tool Pricing Updates

This last year has marked a lot of great changes for PSA moving into becoming the only web based (ERP) solution designed specifically for Restoration Contractors. As the industry changes, we look towards the future to provide the best customer experience, the best software solutions, along with the best training and support services over any other solutions provider in this space. As such, we looked at adjusting our pricing to accommodate all the new products and services that we will be offering, effective March 1, 2023. 
In the past, we’ve charged for our training & support services separately from the monthly rental by the hour. For our legacy customers, this process created barriers that prevented their staff from wanting to get additional training and support as our products and services grew as they were hesitant to use up their available time. As a result, customers forwent the opportunity to leverage the benefits and power of PSA and all the great new features. 

Last year, we made the decision to no longer offer training and support by the hour for new customers, and as of March 1, 2023, we will be switching all customers to packages that include unlimited training and support for all of products and services with the exception of onsite training. Customers already on unlimited training and support will not be affected by this. 

In addition to this, over the past few years PSA has provided more integrations than any other restoration solution on the market and as a result we had to charge for a number of these integration separately to cover the cost of development, ongoing maintenance and API calls. In an effort to provide our customers with a better user experience and one that promotes the utilization of all these great integrations, we are offering an unlimited integration package for $50/month that will provide our customers with as many integrations as they want without additional fees.

Lastly, with the introduction of Proven OnSite last November, we are starting to see the importance to integrate all forms of communication inside of the PSA ecosystem and provides an easy way to manage incoming/outgoing emails, phone calls, SMS messages, and Google lookups in one complete package. This new feature will provide each company with a fixed number of lookups, & SMS messages each month without additional charges for usage in an effort to streamline the billing process and maintain consistent monthly billing. 

All these changes will help PSA to continue to focus on providing the best solutions, services and training to all of our customers new & old, allowing them to maximize their utilization of our complete solution. 

Thank you for your continued support PSA. For more information, please contact our support center at or call 877-712-2626.