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Business Intelligence for Strategic Decision Making

Proven Smart Reports is a powerful tool to analyze real-time data that will impact your business today. Turn details from every aspect of your company, including accounting, production, field operations, and sales into readable, useable dashboards and reports. Use data pertinent to your organization, from employee performance to royalty and franchise details, and drive profit through information.

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  • Report Builder
  • Employee Scorecard
  • Automate Report
  • Audit Reporting
  • Behavior Training
  • Dashboard Creator
  • Live Analytics
  • Drill Down Reports
  • Custom Views
  • Benchmark Data

Our organization loves the powerful reporting tools PSA provides; we are able to determine how well we are doing from many different angles

Lori Boran, Alberta Fire & Flood Restoration Service

User Defined Views

Customize layouts, link slides together, and create a unique experience that matches your people and processes.

Customize Data

Choose data sets based on your business. Make easy to understand priorities, compliance KPI, budgets, and cycle times.

Real-Time Updates

Convert raw data from production, sales, field operations, and accounting into live dashboards and reports.

Schedule Reports

Automate emailing of reports such as job status reviews, budgets, cost, AR aging, margins, and profits.

Conditional Formatting

Visualize information using conditional formats such as color-coded charts and graphs.

Benchmark Performance

Define performance parameters and review progress to ensure all staff reach top efficiency.

Royalty & Franchise Reporting

Use multiple data sets from franchises to easily visualize profit and loss across all aspects of your business.


Proven Smart Reports draws live data from the entire PSA software suite to provide useable reports for informed business decisions.

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